Beating Lockdown Anxiety

It has been 13 weeks to the day since I started teaching from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. At first, I’ll be honest, it was actually quite nice. I was building a really positive relationship with parents, talking to them more about their children’s work than I usually would be able to. I actually […]

One Week In: Tips for New Bloggers!

It’s Friday 23rd May 2020 and the truth is, I’m bored. Bored of lockdown, bored of being home alone every day whilst my key worker husband does his bit for the NHS, and bored of not having a hobby to do alongside my day job of Primary School teaching. I love to write. It relaxes […]

How I Save Money with No Self-Restraint

So you want to save a bit of the old monies? Well look no further friends, because I’ve gotten pretty good at this over the last few years and want to share my tips with you! I’ve gone from being a student, to a mortgage-paying homeowner, to a full time teacher mortgage-paying homeowner, to a […]

Make-up Win for Pale Skin!

Something I have struggled with since my teens is finding makeup that suits my pale skin, without looking either washed out or like I’d just rolled my face around in the mud (contouring AIN’T my strong point). I have ‘strawberry blonde’ hair, as my mum calls it, and my complexion is prone to blotchy red […]

Lockdown: A day in the life

So I’m 9 weeks in to working from home as a teacher, and amidst the Zoom calls with my class, messaging children and parents, setting and marking work and planning future online lesson content, this is what my day looks like! 7.30am – Alarm goes off, wonderful NHS worker husband Luke goes to work, Boris […]