October Birchbox review

And breathe….what a busy old week at work!!

I’ve been so looking forward to having some me-time this weekend. I’ve done a bit of Christmas shopping (never been so organised in my entire life), and spent time with my husband which we don’t often get to do during the week.

Another thing I have been really looking forward to, was finally unboxing my first Birchbox! I’ve signed up for October, November and December (my favourite months of the year), for no particular reason other than just as a treat for myself!

I love love love the packaging of this October box, it’s just so beautiful and gives me seriously cosy vibes !! It’s all very compact and came completely in cardboard packaging- nice to see no plastic on anything other than the products themselves. It’s also great in that the products are in a cute little drawer, so when they are used up or put elsewhere, you could use the drawer for loads of other things – hair ties/grips, nail polishes…anything!

I was really excited to try out some products, as I hardly ever treat myself to new makeup or skin care. I got 6 items altogether:

  1. Thisworks ‘in transit camera close-up’, mask, moisturiser and primer
  2. Ciaté ‘Fierce flicks’ eyeliner
  3. Marcelle curling and lengthening mascara
  4. Amika soulfood hair nourishing mask
  5. Vitamasøues evening goggle eye mask, repair and relax
  6. Look good feel better luxury brush set

So…here’s what I thought of them!

Thisworks intransit camera close-up

After cleansing my face, I applied the primer. Now, I think I like the smell…there’s nothing amazing about it, it’s not too strong, and just smells….well…facecreamy! However, I didn’t care about the smell once I realised that this stuff had made my skin feel SO soft it was unreal, even after just using a pea-size amount! Plus, my concealer, foundation and powder went on beautifully. I’m prone to flakiness on my forehead where it gets dry, but this stuff made it sit really well. A very good start to my Birchbox experience!

Ciaté fierce flicks liner

Now I love liquid eyeliner and wear it most days to compensate for my very fair lashes. Until now I have used Rimmel Glam-eyes liquid liner…but this stuff was a game changer. Although I’m not used to a liquid liner pen, this was super easy to use and I got a subtle liner flick on my upper lid, that could easily be made more dramatic if I wanted it to. What I also loved, was that it wasn’t a really wet liquid, so didn’t smudge onto my eye lids before it had dried! Bravo, Ciaté. I am definitely converted to a pen rather than brush!

Marcelle curling and lengthening mascara

When I first read the description I thought yeah right, good luck trying to curl and lengthen my transparent, short lashes! The wand was tough to get out of the bottle, and the bristles on the wand felt quite scratchy against my eyelid…not the best start. After one coat of mascara I was not convinced, my lashes remained straight and without much change, other than being black! However, I decided to give it another coat, and turned the wand upside down to see if the inverted curve of the brush would help curl my lashes…and tah dah! After one more coat my lashes seemed to have an instant lift!

Now I wouldn’t say that it’s any better than my go-to mascara, Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’, but for a little sample, it was pretty good.

I’ve not yet tried the the eye mask or hair mask, but write a separate post when I do. I’m very excited to try 😁 Here’s what they look like…

Love the vibrancy of the packaging!

The final product was a freebie that I got for signing up at the time I did, ‘Look Good Feel Better luxury brush set’. See, I don’t buy makeup that often, so I certainly don’t buy brushes often either! But these little beauties were the softest things I’ve ever felt, and each one felt amazing. I’m so happy I got 4!!! What’s even better is that Look Good Feel Better also support people undergoing treatment for cancer, with the money they make going towards workshops, information and online support for cancer patients and their families.

Out of all the products I tried today, I would continue using them all other than the mascara – I don’t think it had any amazing results really. However, I’ve really enjoyed trying out all of these new products, and can’t wait to try the remaining two! I will be sure to let you know what I get in my November and December boxes too!

Let me know if you’re signed up to Birchbox and would recommend any products. I’d love to keep expanding my beauty-products horizons!

Take care and I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! xx

4 thoughts on “October Birchbox review

  1. Okay firstly that box is so so cute! I love the packaging! The masks look really nice too and the fact you get makeup brushes too,well worth it imo!

    Sian x


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