Self-isolation: Teaching online and filling my time!

It’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly normal at the moment. Stay 2 metres apart from each other, don’t leave the house, you can only have one walk a day…yes, the Coronavirus has well and truly turned the world upside down.

Many people are working from home, and as a teacher, I am able to do the same…just about! Yes I don’t get to have that face-to-face contact with the children and provide them support every day in person, but it’s been lovely to see children and their parents spending quality time together to do a variety of activities. Each day I set 4 activities and if there’s time, then the children can complete additional work from a pack made up before the school closed. I am then around during the day to support parents if they are struggling, as well as looking at the children’s work through photographs. It’s pretty simple and gives me time to potter around the house – I’ve never done so much tidying in my life!

Whilst we’re (sort of) on the subject – what are you guys doing to fill the time? I really need some ideas…there’s only so much baking/playing with the cats/tidying/watching Gilmore Girls I can do in one day! Although, I’ve recently started playing the Sims again…I forgot how massively addictive it is!

These past 3 days ‘off school’ have made me realise how lucky I am. My salary is not affected, I don’t have to spend all my free time marking and planning like I would if I were at school and I’m not on the front line battling this virus. My husband works for the NHS and whilst he’s not in wards and curing everyone, he is still there ensuring that the hospital gets the supplies it needs to help not only those people with Coronavirus, but those battling other illnesses that emerged long before the virus did.

It makes me angry, as I’m sure it does many people, when I see others out and about when they should be at home. We have the luxury to stay safe at home. NHS workers do not. It’s right what they say, they go to work so we don’t have to!

I hope you are all doing okay. Stay safe everyone and stay home x

5 thoughts on “Self-isolation: Teaching online and filling my time!

  1. This is the reality people are willing to spend huge amount of money on worthless things but why not for health workers. We are alive,heathy, they are the ray of hope for us in this critical time. And I can say they are like equal to God no matter what, they are available for us in the hospitals 24×7. This is making me angry too.

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  2. Glad you’re staying safe. I run a pub, so very much have a lot of free time on my hands! Although I should really be using it more productivity as I’m just sat in the sun β˜€οΈ We are lucky we live in the countryside, but makes me so angry as so many people are just doing as they please!

    Lots of love, Helen x

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  3. It’s hard to find things to do in lockdown, not because there is nothing to do, but it’s nothing interesting to do. I have a baby to keep me very busy πŸ€ͺ it’s definitely doing the job. But I wouldn’t recommend one to cure the boredom πŸ˜‚. I feel like everyone is feeling it at the minute. Good on your hubs, my mum works at the hospital too x

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