Lockdown: A day in the life

Day 19273959…surely?!

So I’m 9 weeks in to working from home as a teacher, and amidst the Zoom calls with my class, messaging children and parents, setting and marking work and planning future online lesson content, this is what my day looks like!

7.30am – Alarm goes off, wonderful NHS worker husband Luke goes to work, Boris the cat jumps on my face. Half an hour of fuss and cuddles.

8am – I set my children their work for the day using ‘Class Dojo’ – an awesome site which allows me to easily communicate with the parents and children. With my dodgy rural internet this takes about half an hour to upload activities!

8.30am – Bath time! We don’t have a shower in our little cottage yet, however our extension is due to finish in a few months and we will ABSOLUTELY be getting one then! I then get dressed into comfy clothes and of course, put no makeup on – yay!

9am – All the while monitoring Class Dojo, I make breakfast. This week, I’ve been mostly eating (fast show reference) Tesco fruit and nut granola with Onken mango and passionfruit yoghurt. So tasty. I then watch some sort of morning news but soon switch off as I get wound up at, well, other people.

9.30am – ANIMAL CROSSING. Yes, I bought it and yes, it’s awesome. All my worries just melt away as I shake those apples off the trees and dig those fossils. Would highly recommend! Let me know if you play and we can totes visit each other ❀

From my first day on the Island ❀

10am – We are 4 months in to extending our house, so at this time I usually stick my head out the window and chat with our lovely builders, whether they like it or not. We are so lucky they have been able to carry on with the work on our house. We always keep a 2m distance from one another and I put their tea mugs straight into nice hot, soapy water as soon as they are finished with!

Boris inspecting the new downstairs digs.

I then spend the rest of the morning tidying the house, catching up with parents, and 2 times a week at least I Zoom chat with my lovely class!

12pm – Eggs. I’m eating a lot of eggs recently. They’re convenient, aren’t they? And can be cooked in so many ways! My favourite is scrambled, on seeded toast, with avocado. How millennial am I!

12.30pm – I take a 30 minute walk across the fields near my village. I’ve recently found myself listening to Spotify on my walks – does anyone else try to match their walking speed to the beat of the song their listening to?! … No? … Yeah me neither..

Every day I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in the countryside, particularly at the moment.

1pm – Hour lunch break over, so I check Class Dojo and respond to any messages and mark the morning’s worth of work. This takes about an hour, usually.

2pm – As a treat for marking, I log into Apex Legends on the PS4 and play until I get so frustrated at my many deaths. Although, I’m definitely improving as I’m now on 100 kills as my character of choice, Bloodhound. This is a massive achievement for me. However as soon as I watch my husband play I realise just how crap I really am. Sad times. I then plan work for as long as I feel like it, sometimes half an hour, sometimes three!

3pm – I mark the afternoon work that has been coming in, respond to parents etc. This is ongoing through out the whole day, my laptop works very hard!!

4pm – I treat myself to a homemade salted caramel brownie. I’m sad I’ve nearly eaten the whole tin.

4.30pm – My husband, Luke, gets home and I’m hyped on brownie sugar/very excited to have some company again.

5pm – I respond to any final messages, mark the last bits of work, and log off Class Dojo for the evening. (Although I usually find myself going on and off it throughout the evening!)

In the evening, I usually go on another walk with Luke, cook something not very exciting for dinner, and currently we are working our way through the Marvel films on Disney+!

So that’s pretty much my day. Not massively exciting, and, to be honest, some days I feel so down in the dumps about the state of the world, that I find it hard to do anything at all. But we all muddle along in the best way we can!

I’d love to hear how you’re spending your days, particularly if you are still working from home. Do you find it hard to balance work and play? What do you do to fill any spare time?

Take care guys, I look forward to blogging more regularly and even more so to reading all of your content too, so please send me some links either via Twitter or on this page 😊

Much love, Eliza Kate x

20 thoughts on “Lockdown: A day in the life

    1. It’s not as tricky as I thought it would be actually! I use breakout rooms to split the class up into groups of 4 or 5, and then teach one group at a time whilst the others have the chance to catch up or do the other work set together! I’m lucky that their parents are super supportive so they’re doing a great job helping to teach! I hope your teaching is going well! 😁


  1. I am sure working from home as a teacher is so tricky! I actually just went back to work for the first time this week after being furloughed for 8 weeks. It was so hard to get back in the routine, but I am so thankful to have a job to go back to!


    1. It definitely has its tricky moments! The hardest bit it just not being able to see the children every day and know they’re ok! Oh poor you, I bet it was so hard getting back in the routine. I hope your first week back went well!


  2. Hi Eliza
    I work from home temporarily. I have to say I enjoy it. I think my productivity level is higher than when I’m working at the office.
    Anyways, I’m also on Animal Crossing! Though I’m playing the pocket camp 😊


    1. That’s great you’ve been so productive! I have to say it’s much more of a struggle now than it was at the start of lockdown. Yay! It’s such a great game, isn’t it. I used to have it on the Nintendo DS so knew I had to get it when it came out on the switch!! 😊


    1. Yes it’s great isn’t it! I’ve never really watched many of the Marvel films before, but I’m really enjoying it 😊 That sounds so fun! We might give Too Hot To Handle a try!!


  3. We are stuck at our home because in our neighbourhood there is a Corona case so it’s very important to stay in routine with all cleaning and sanitizing. We are doing yoga these days to stay positive in this situation.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A great routine you’ve got there. I am an administrator in a school and find myself working more hours at home than I would at work but I have got so much done that I would not have done in the office with phone calls and children needing help.

    Take care and I hope the routine to work is smooth for you x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes it’s amazing how much more productive it can make you! I’m trying to find enough extra ‘stuff’ to do as well as work, although starting up the blog has definitely helped!

      Thank you, take care too and I hope work continues to go well!


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