Make-up Win for Pale Skin!

Something I have struggled with since my teens is finding makeup that suits my pale skin, without looking either washed out or like I’d just rolled my face around in the mud (contouring AIN’T my strong point). I have ‘strawberry blonde’ hair, as my mum calls it, and my complexion is prone to blotchy red patches, especially when I’m embarrassed or uncomfortable. This used to be a massive insecurity of mine, but what I realised is that a) who cares, we aren’t defined by our complexions, and b) there are products out there that can help calm my skin down and cover up imperfections whilst still letting my pale skin breeeeaaaaaaathe.

Now, I’m certainly no pro make-up artist (I have SO much respect for people who know what each makeup brush does!!) However, I do like to treat myself to different products from time to time and experiment with them. I subscribe to Birchbox and have done since October 2019, and I love the variety of makeup, skin care and body products that I get to try each month! Some of the products I have received so far feature in this post, and feel free to check out my October Birchbox Review blog post if you are interested in seeing what else I’ve received!

So here we go, I have compiled 13 (not so unlucky) beauty products that I use most frequently, that I find work really well with my fair hair and pale skin tone. I hope that this might help fellow fairs out in particular with their beauty product struggles, however most of these items would work great for people with any skin tone too!

1. Simple hydrating light moisturiser

I have been using this moisturiser for forever, it is so light weight, absorbs into the skin super quickly and also helps to provide a great base for my makeup! I tend to get dry patches on my forehead from time to time which makes my makeup flake when applied, but this really helps even it out!
RRP £4.99 @ Boots.

2. THIS WORKS in transit camera close up

This is a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one and came with my October Birchbox! I don’t use this every day, only when I’m wearing slightly heavier makeup. A little of this stuff goes such a long way, and my skin feels so supple and soft after I’ve applied it. It works great at keeping flakiness at bay, too.
RRP £32.00 @ Boots for 40ml (I got the sample size)

3. grace & stella rose spray

Never in my life have I used a facial spray, but I got this in my May Birchbox and I just love it! It is rose scented, but not overpowering, and is meant to hydrate your face. To be honest, I don’t know if it does, but it is refreshing, and spraying my face makes me feel super fancy. Oh and you can spray either before applying makeup, or after! I do it before.
RRP £21 @ Birchbox


This little weird green sponge gives me so much coverage over the more red, patchy areas of my complexion and any spots I might have. Like I said, it’s green, which looks weird-as at first, but once blended does a grand job in covering up any redness! Yay!
RRP £6 @ Boots

6. MAYBELLINE New York FIT ME! Concealer

Much like it’s foundation sister which I also use, this Maybelline concealer works great at covering up any dark eye circles, spots and un-even skin tone. I use colour 15 which goes great with the foundation I use.
RRP 5.99 @ Boots


I really love how light this sits on my skin. I go for shade 101 (True Ivory) and it blends so well, matching perfectly to my neck too. It claims to give a poreless effect – I wouldn’t say that works for me, but the colour is great and they have a massive selection to choose from, suitable for every skin tone!
RRP £5.99 @ Boots

7. Rimmel london insta duo contour stick

As I mentioned, I am not good at contouring, and so when I give it a go I keep it extremely light. This contour stick is great for that. It has a lovely creamy texture to it, and blends so well either with a sponge or a brush. I mainly bought it for the highlighter it has on the other end of the stick, which is BEAUTIFUL and makes me feel all pretty and glow-y(?) Yeah, glowy. Love this.
RRP £6.99 @ Boots


This powder gets rid of any shiny shine I have going on, particularly on my forehead. It doesn’t last the whole day at work, although combating shine whilst running around after children all day is a tough criteria to meet. However I love the shade 006 ‘Warm beige’, which just adds a little bit of warmth to my light skin tone.
RRP £3.99 @ Superdrug


Now THIS little beauty is my favourite. If I had to choose one item of makeup to keep with me always, it would be this. I have such fair eyebrows that they basically merge into my pale forehead, but the colour of this pencil matches my hair so well (001 light), that when I use it on my eyebrows it makes them look so natural and defined! Never have I felt such love for a pencil as I do for this one. Bravo, Rimmel!
RRP £4.99 @ Boots


I got this product in my April Birchbox this year, in which they partnered up with Anthropologie. I got the lip balm in ‘Sorbet Serenity’, which looks orange from the outset. However, what is super cool about this stuff (and why it’s perf for ANY skin tone, actually), is that this colour-shifting lip balm adjusts to your PH, creating the perfect colour for your skin, whilst moisturising your lips too! How awesome is that! It gives me a very subtle pink shade, which is great for me as I don’t wear dark lip colours. The packaging is also cardboard, which I love.
RRP $16 @ KNDR


I bought this set of eyeshadows as a treat to myself at Heathrow airport, when my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Mauritius. We treated ourself to one thing each, I chose eyeshadow, Luke chose some headphones! I’m not very brave when it comes to eyeshadows, I tend to wear brown…and that’s about it. I find that it is a really easy colour to blend when it comes to pale skin, and you can be as dramatic, smokey or subtle as you like with it. So finding this Urban Decay palette was like a dream come true for me! 12 glorious shades of brown to choose from, some with tints of pink and some with a subtle shimmer, and they go great with my fair hair colour. I can layer these colours on top of one another, I even use one for my eyebrows if I want to go a little darker than the Rimmel London pencil allows. I love these so much and will definitely be purchasing more Urban Decay in the future.
RRP £36.55 @ Boots

12.CiatÉ fierce flicks eyeliner

I have used this eye liner SO much since October when I got it with Birchbox, and it still hasn’t run out. The label has even completely rubbed off so it just looks like a black tube! As I have very blonde lashes, I tend to compensate for this with liquid eyeliner to make my eyes look wider and help them to stand out more. My application skills aren’t the best, however this pen is so easy to use and can be made as discrete or bold as you like, so great for day-wear and night-wear! I also happen to think that black liquid liner goes GREAT with pale skin and fair features.
£15 @ Birchbox

13. no7 lash extender

For the past year or so I have been using Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’ mascara, which I loved, but sometimes found it a little heavy on my lashes. I thought I would give a No.7 product a try, which admittedly I hadn’t before, and knew I wanted something that would curl my lashes and add some volume. I have to say that this mascara does a great job at that, considering it is only £13.50 (@Boots). It is also in shade ‘black/brown’, which I find is more complementary against my pale skin and hair, and is a mascara colour I tend to go for more than just ‘black’. My one problem, which is a problem I have with mascara in general, is that I CANNOT find a brand that keeps my super-straight lashes curled for a long period of time. I seem to add the mascara and before you know it, my lashes have started drooping again, even after using a lash curler. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

So there you have it, my favourite products for my pale skin tone! They all work great together on those days where I fancy some cover up, although one of the pros of this lockdown situation is that most days I just go without any makeup, which has done wonders for my skin! Loads of these products come in a variety of colours and shades too, so they would definitely work well with different complexion types.

Let me know what your favourite products are that you use in the comments below, whatever skin tone you have! I’d love to know what you use in your daily routine. However, just remember..

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

Sophia Loren

Love, Eliza Kate

23 thoughts on “Make-up Win for Pale Skin!

  1. I’ve got pale skin too, so I appreciate the details in your post adding shade #. Thanks so much. I’ll have to check some of these products out.

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  2. Oh my Gosh, I am pale myself and I stopped using makeup awhile ago just because I felt like I was wearing a mask (wrong foundation and moisturiser). I want to go back to makeup so badly. I gotta try some if the products you recommend x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m super pale too and I really struggle to find things that are pale but have a neutral undertone rather than the pink that most paler skintones have. Sadly the Maybelline never worked for me as they are super yellow on me 😦 The only drugstore foundation I’ve found that matches beautifully is the Revolution Conceal and Define in F1. Also they even do a shade lighter than that which is insane when most brands don’t even go light enough for me! Definitely recommend x

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