How I Save Money with No Self-Restraint

So you want to save a bit of the old monies? Well look no further friends, because I’ve gotten pretty good at this over the last few years and want to share my tips with you!

I’ve gone from being a student, to a mortgage-paying homeowner, to a full time teacher mortgage-paying homeowner, to a full time teacher mortgage-paying homeowner who is also extending her house. Now, I’ve always been a saver from a young age. My first weekend job was waitressing every Sunday, and after each shift I would come home and put my hard earned ยฃ25 (plus tips) into my piggy bank, then when I had built up a bit of dosh, off I’d go to the bank to proudly hand it in!

Now I’m fully-fledged adulting, I have to admit it’s a little harder to save. As I mentioned, my husband and I are currently in the middle of extending out little 19th Century cottage, whilst paying off our mortgage. Whilst we are so lucky to be able to live in our lovely house and extend it too, this obviously puts massive financial strain on us. What makes it worst is that I HAVE NO SELF RESTRAINT. Whether it’s an ASOS haul, nail polishes from boots or just cute homewares, I want it all.

So what I want is: to be able to save enough for mortgage, extension and bills whilst still having enough to satisfy my shopping habits…that can’t be done, surely?! Yes it can, and my 5 top tips will show you how!

1. Save on Pay Day

Ah pay day, the best day of the month. The endless possibilities of what you can spend your hard earned money on. Now whilst your initial thought may not be, ‘let’s save it!’, I’ve seen on TV recently and it’s so true – you really are more likely to save money if you do it on pay day. I put away money into my different savings accounts (more on those later) on pay day, so I know that it’s done. Then I can start thinking about what to spend some of the rest on! I’m looking at you, Sainsbury’s home section.

2. Set yourself some saving goals

I have to know what my savings are going towards. I hate putting money away just because. So that’s why I have my own little saving goals list, that way I know that my saving will benefit me in the near future. This might be so save a certain amount each month for a holiday, for a bigger purchase for yourself or your house, or maybe even for those shoes you’ve had your eye on for ages. You will then know that each month, you are one step closer to buying whatever it is that you are saving for, and that feels great.

3. Open up a few savings accounts

I love a good savings account! Now at the moment the interest rates are dreadful, but this doesn’t need to stop you saving! I have a savings account for the extension, another for future travel and another just for rainy days. Then I know that whatever is left in my current account, is mine to spend on food shopping or whatever else I fancy buying that month.

4. Keep some money aside for yourself

Don’t save all your money. You will be miserable. I love saving for those bigger things that I know I can’t have right away, but it’s so important to get little treats too. I subscribe to Birchbox which is a great treat to have every month. Other months I might buy some clothes or a game for my Nintendo Switch (<3 Animal Crossing – wish money grew on trees like it does on this though).

Yes, that is a hot dog costume.

5. Make the most of charity shops!

I am only recently realising the true worth of charity-shop shopping. Now I don’t find something I love in every visit, you have to be lucky, but some of the things you can get are unbelievable! I love cosy clothes, and the amount of high brand leggings and jumpers I have found over the last couple of years is crazy, so it’s well worth popping into one when you are out and about. I love supporting charity shops in both ways, through buying and helping supply them. I am currently sorting out my clothes and home bits and bobs and have 7 charity shop bags ready to go!

So there we have it, short and sweet but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my tips on saving money. I am by no means an expert but they work for me! Do you have any great advice that helps you save money throughout the month? Drop them down in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Take care,

Eliza Kate

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